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The Furry Dictionary
The Furry Dictionary
-Kitty Hoshi :)
Furry - 1. any person who visualizes themselves as an anthropomorphic
animal. they often draw such animals. Some see it as a spiritual thing,
and some simply see furry as a hobby. some don't have an animal
identity yet. 2. an anthropomorphic character that a furry person
creates. *Other names include: fur, furson, "funny animal"; plural:
furries, furs, fursons, etc.
Anthropomorphic - an animal given humanlike characterstics, namely
walking on the hind legs (except in taurs), general human anatomy,
talking, even wearing clothes. Many will still also walk on all legs
and make animal noises as well.
Fursona - a furry persona. this is the character they visualize
themselves as.
Furmeet - an event set up for furries to meet together.
*Note, many things in the Furry Fandom start with Fur, like many
games, and words in furry language, this is basically the furry
version of anything.
Yiff - 1. A term to refer to furry sex, though there usually is no
real se
:iconraenafyn:Raenafyn 15 7
Furries Meaning Of A Lick
*Lick on the Tail* Will you be my mate?
*Lick on the Ear* I think you are cute!
*Lick on the stomach/Belly* I'm ready.
*Lick on the Forehead* For comfort.
*Lick on the Paw* Are you ok?
*Lick Below the Chin* I like you.
*Lick on the nose* I love you.
*Lick on the Neck* Let's have some fun =^-.-^=
*Lick on the Shoulder* I want you.
*Lick on the Lips* I need you.
*Lick on the cheek* For Friendship.
:iconnightcrawler1193:Nightcrawler1193 32 6
Taj by AlphaVragg735 Taj :iconalphavragg735:AlphaVragg735 53 14 Firefly by hecatehell Firefly :iconhecatehell:hecatehell 144 18 Fullmoon Card 'Unfortunate Hunt' - [Game Project] by KeksWolf Fullmoon Card 'Unfortunate Hunt' - [Game Project] :iconkekswolf:KeksWolf 133 11
I'am Werewolf
I can feel it; pumping, pulsing, inside me now...
Aching to get to surface somehow...
Feel the heat spreading in my veins (In my veins)
Feel the fur prickling upon my skin (my desirable shifting skin)
I feel the rage building out of nothing now...
I can feel it calling me out by destiny somehow...... (You were destined to be...)
I 'am werewolf... (werewolf)
You are my inner soul I so call upon... from dusk 'til dawn!
I am werewolf...!!!
I can't stop my sweat and bulging
It wants to break free (break free)
I can't stop my body from surging with animal needs...
I feel my teeth cracking under weights of my pleasing pressuring grin
The feel as if I was given new weapons...
My ears pitching backwards into ears of the canine, locked away for so long in my soul and in my minds eyes....
To now hear my enemies cries of mercy
And now hear my body crack in surge with raw thirst and power, of that of the wolf in me wishes to devour, that which is evil
I will get rid of evil so help me Go
:iconburstinax:Burstinax 8 24
A Halloween Wish
“Okay kids, everyone get in the car.” My dad was taking us to the annual ward ‘trunk-or-treat’ held every year at our church on Halloween before it got dark enough to actually go trick-or-treating, My sisters were going as cowgirls, and my little brother was a sith lord. But I had the best costume of all, I was a werewolf, just like last year, and the year before that.
“Now Chris,” my dad stopped me for a moment, “Don't you think you’re a little old for this? I mean you don't exactly see a 20 year old man go to events like this unless he’s handing out candy.”
I rolled my eyes, “Oh please dad it’s Halloween, I gotta get into the spirit of things. Ya know, let loose, you’re never too old to dress up for Halloween.”
“Yes but you can grow out of trick or treating, there are gonna be kids at this thing, mostly primary kids.”
“Look if you don't want me to go then just say so.”
My dad t
:icondijin777:dijin777 25 60
Changing back
(One of the Drafts of my comic in development, this scene has been scrapped from the comic but brings memories so ill keep it on DA. Enjoy)
  Skyler groaned, he couldn't remember last night at all. He remembered looking at the moon, seeing it's immense light and nothing after that. Feeling the warm sunlight across his face he attempted to get out of bed but let out a cry of pain when he felt severe fatigue across his body. It felt like he'd been power-lifting all night. He laid back down on the bed and noticed 3 deep scratch marks in his mattress. They went down to the springs and even some of the springs were broken. "What the heck happened?" He thought to himself.
        Forcing himself to get up he noticed everything smelled a lot more than usual. It was as if everything had its own scent it was giving off and he could define everyone of them. He walked to the bathroom still feeling intense soreness througho
:iconkzmaster:kzmaster 9 1
Another little Werewolf story
My boots thumped quietly on the sidewalk in a percussive pattern as I walked. Two thumps for each step, heel and toe. Thump-thump, thump-thump. My boot's sound reminded me of a heartbeat, the rythym of life.
My arms swung at my sides, freely, brushing against the sides of my loose black jeans every now and then. I kept walking down the dark sidewalk, focusing on nothing as I merely wandered.
My heart suddenly felt as if it had skipped a beat, and it had made me stop walking. Light slowly poured onto the street, and the sidewalk. I watched the bluish light as it illuminated things in the street, but stole their color. It was moonlight that was doing this...
My heart picked up in pace, and adrenaline slowly poured into my blood, my mind pleading for me not to look up. Regrettably, my eyes slid up the buildings on the side of the road, up more and more, into the sky, until my focus came to rest on the moon. It was partly hidden by clouds, but slowly they escaped the moon's grasp, and reve
:iconanarchicwolf:AnarchicWolf 44 56
That Fateful Night
Matthew was slowly swinging in the park down the street from his house. He loved to do this late at night. Nobody was around, nothing to distract him from the exhilirating feeling of the air rushing through his brown hair. It energized him to no end! His skinny frame easily fit into the swings meant for nine-year-olds, even though he was a high school senior.
Glancing toward his friend's house, he was surprised to see a shadow making its way over here. As the silhouette revealed itself under a streetlamp, Matthew saw it was his friend, Nic! What was he doing here this late? Nic just smiled at him and started to swing alongside him, remaining silent for a moment, just like he knew his friend preferred. 
Silence aside, Nic asked Matthew what he was thinking about. He replied, "I've been thinking about freedom, about what it would feel to break free from the status quo, to be myself. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be completely alone and isolated from society, and how free I
:iconromeulrich:Romeulrich 9 7
My Girlfriend as a Witness
"My Girlfriend as a Witness"
    Ethan held his girlfriend Alicia's hand as they walked between the trees. They had been walking for almost half an hour when Ethan finally stopped. "I think this is far enough," he said.
     Alicia was very curious as to why Ethan had brought her here. Ethan sat down against a tree. The pinks and purples of the sunset had almost faded. The moon slowly rose over the next hill.
     He began to explain. "A year ago, on my 13th birthday, I did this... magic spell."
     "Uh huh..." Alicia replied sarcastically.
     "I know, right? It sounds dumb."
     "And what did the spell do?"
     "It was supposed to... change me."
     Alicia did not reply; she just waited for him to continue.
     Ethan waded through the awkward pause and continued. "Like, over a year, it was supposed to... k
:iconthehuntercanis:TheHunterCanis 18 3
Jason, 13, clicked the green button and answered the call from his classmate, Greg. Greg's face appeared on his monitor wearing an expensive headset with a mic.
     "Are you recording?" Jason asked.
     "We're recording..." replied Greg, "... now!" He clicked the record button on his desktop recording program. A red box appeared around his screen to indicate that it was recording.
     "Ladies and gentlemen," began Greg in a low, whispering voice meant to be dramatic, "tonight, on Greg's Paranormal Show, we have a very special guest. Jason here claims to have been scratched... by a real... life... werewolf." He paused dramatically. "Tonight is the first full moon since the scratch. Jason here is gonna turn and we're gonna record the whole thing -- beginning to end, unedited, just for you, the first real recorded proof of a werewolf ever!"
     "I really hope nothing happens," Jason sai
:iconthehuntercanis:TheHunterCanis 21 4
     Dominic's 18th birthday came on a Saturday, but more importantly, on the night before a full moon. He knew that one of his friends, Tyler, and a couple of his friends were werewolves. He did not ask for gifts from his friends on his birthday normally, but he asked one thing of Tyler: he wanted Tyler to take him with the pack tonight and change him into a werewolf.
     The next evening at 7:00, Tyler drove by to get him. They picked up his other two werewolf friends; they would ask who he was and he would tell them he would be changing for the first time tonight with them. They all drove out for a good 45 minutes to a remote patch of forest. Tyler parked behind a patch of trees thick enough to hide the vehicle from the road if anyone drove down it.
     Nearing 8:00, all four passengers exited the vehicle. Tyler and his friends began unbuttoning their shirts; Dominic asked him what to do. Ty
:iconthehuntercanis:TheHunterCanis 9 2
Wolf's Reprisal by jocarra Wolf's Reprisal :iconjocarra:jocarra 2,132 524 Commission: Runeclaw Pinup by jocarra Commission: Runeclaw Pinup :iconjocarra:jocarra 179 27 Commission - Shifting Gears by jocarra
Mature content
Commission - Shifting Gears :iconjocarra:jocarra 387 101


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